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ESNO, Nurses Guide on AMR and Vaccination

In process, the ESNO Nurses Information and Education Guide on Anti Microbial Resistance (AMR) and Vaccination

Regarding  the current role of nurses in combatting antimicrobial resistance (AMR), ESNO regards that thus far there had been a lack of involvement of specialist nurses on this issue and that there is great potential to increase involvement in the areas of antimicrobial stewardship, surveillance of the incidence of drug-resistant infections and education of patients on this topic. ESNO aims to raise awareness and educate nurses on this topic; equipping nurses to tackle AMR is now a top priority for the organisation. In addition, this initiative also acts as an extension of a request from the European Commission to ESNO to play an active role on AMR and Vaccination 
On the vaccination, in recent years, ESNO has observed a significant increase in infectious diseases that could be prevented by vaccination. This increase was also accompanied by serious outbreaks, resulting in the …



Soon more information on the ESNO congress 21 February 2019 in Brussels

ESNO Public Relation material

The first ESNO flyer have arrived at our office and soon available at events and congressen. End next week 2 new roll-up banners ready for display at health events, raising the profile of the specialist and advanced nurses in all health Friends.