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"The aim of an argument or discussion should not be victory but progress" , Joseph Joubert, French essayist
Like the congress last February 2019, we again bring together European nurses from al health domains and their speciality. In 2019 we have been setting the scene with a position statement on the Specialist Nurse -and in Italian-  in Health Towards 2030 and in February 2020 we are going to be more specific. This time per specialty and education topics and we expects a great spectrum of frameworks and competent profiles, getting deeper in the subject what we as good nurses can do best. End of this month we aim to have the ESNO congress program ready. For the ESNO congress 2021 we aim to have a better understanding on the spectrum of specialities in all health domains and will address this with national regulatory bodies and those European officers and officials to discuss the benefit of har…

ESNO Education Survey 2019

Mapping survey  European Specialist Nurses is CLOSED’ - WE THANK ALL CONTRIBUTERS TO THE SURVEY !!!  We have 300 responses from all European regions and health domains and provided a lot of information. The first result will be published soon 


ESNO Common Training Framwork for Specialist nurses 

The title Specialist Nurse in Europe has a variety of different definitions of roles, expected responsibilities, and competences. These vary nationally, regionally and even locally. Some  are formal, and some informal, with the implication that there is no professional mobility possible. One of the ESNO goals is to gain recognition for the title Specialist Nurses in the European context, not only for mobility, but also to address the quality of care in the advanced position and patient safety. About five ESNO members have competence profiles, training frameworks and education routes with even accreditation systems, but these are not unified although there are a lot of overlaps.

Gaining a comm…

Nurses in Oncology on Vaccination, AMR and Infection Controle

“Why nurses are paramount in the context of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) and vaccination for cancer patients” Patrick Crombez, Vice President Antimicrobial resistance will soon threaten the routine treatment of common infections across the world and have an ever-greater impact on morbidity and mortality in vulnerable patients like cancer patients. These patients often are neutropenic and immunocompromising effects of the underlying disease as well as of antineoplastic therapies, especially with the emerging new treatment options as immunotherapy, must be considered by cancer nurses as high risk factors for developing resistant infectious complications. 
Vaccination is one of the strategies needed to counter this threat and can be an effective preventive strategy against many infections, but type and timing of vaccinations must be carefully chosen to allow for optimal immunization in immunocompromised patients. Certain therapeutic interventions result in profound immunologic challenges…


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"A Touch of Brussels for Nurses" The objective is for those nurses to learn about the European environment from a novice perspective or for those already some familiar with a network. For them to learn more on the mechanisms and dynamics of the European Union and Europe and to get inspired to be engaged in ESNO but also in the European health environment. We will compose an interested program especially for nurses with guest speakers interested getting to know the nurses as well.

"Mind you, while you are interested in the organsiation, representatives will also be highly interested in you and invite you to engage in thier organsiation".

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In process: Nurses Guide on Vaccination, AMR and Infection Control

Mission, goals and activities

The members of the European Specialist Nurses Organisation (ESNO) are creating a comprehensive guide for nurses in Europe. This aims to equip nurses to be able to address the increasing health threat related to preventable infections. The work will be carried out by a focus group of nurse academics, experts and professional nurses with experience across a variety of health domains.

The guide will cover the basics of microbial infections, the methods of treatment, issues around antimicrobial resistance (AMR), and the role of vaccination and infection control. Its key role will be to provide an information resource to support communication and education for nurses and patients. The goal is to have the English language guide published and launched in Brussels in April 2020, during European Immunization Week.

Why this group:The members of ESNO recognize the concerns across Europe relating to the ongoing increase in AMR, and the worryingly low uptake of vaccinat…

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12th May, International Nursing Day 2019, ESNO presidents message

Dear colleagues, nurse’s specialists from all around the Europe
It is my privilege and great honour that I may address you on behalf of European Specialist Nursing Organization (ESNO) and congratulate you International Nursing Day 2019 remembering the birthday of Florence Nightingale 12th May 1820.

Specialist Nurses in the past years made a great success and become the most important part of health care systems in every county in Europe. Today you cannot imagine health care without nurses who are specialized in a specific health domains. The level of nursing education gives us the right to practice nursing care with high competencies. ESNO is strongly support this direction of development of specialist nurses and putting strong effort to assure adequate recognition in European Union.
International Council of Nurses (ICN) for International Nursing Day 2019 shared a theme "Nurses Voice to Lead – Health for All’’.  This strong message should facilitate all nurses in the world to try t…