Nurses Guide Microbes, towards second edition

“There must be something in any host
why the which makes the clinical picture so diverse”
Marc Bonten, medical microbiologists, Medical University Utrecht, Netherlands.Only overtime we will truly learn what happened and is happening in the #COVID19 pandemic, these are very exciting time and can’t oversee the puzzle yet, the virus is still new and hard to predict what directions it will go and what direction to take to respond right. So many question ! But on the other hand, we can't wait to professionally anticipate pandemics again. In April 2019, the ESNO published a nursing textbook on microbes, vaccination #AMR and infection control, just during the time when the pandemic was spreading. Now, six months later, it is time for a second version, but even now, in the period that knowledge is still being acquired, publications appear and vaccinations are under development. In this 2nd version, a group of 15 European nursing experts is busy adapting the textbook and wondering whether…

"We're Back" about why and how the #Caring4Nurses campaign

"We're back!"
Is this what SARS‑CoV‑2 could have been thinking,
as the world entered another global viral pandemic?While some people had been predicting a pandemic from an emerging virus for some years, no-one expected the rapid global spread of #COVID19, or the seriousness of the illness and its potential long-term effects. The health systems and the healthcare professionals providing first contact with patients had to take responsibility for patient care, even though they couldn't be fully prepared. Many of these were nurses, from those working around the clock to provide first contact with patients to those working equally hard in the background, as project leads, and in management, research and education. All of this in 2020, the #yearofthenurse.We are very pleased with the positive response to the nurses' hard work. The applause from the public, the debates on recognition of nurses' place in society, the responses from governments on pay and working condit…


Today the Nurses campaign #Caring4Nurses has launched their website
Nurses are at the forefront of our health care system ... They’re always there providing vital and expert services, unprecedented workload ... Provide high specialist care, putting themselves at risk, to take care of us ... Sometimes we don’t realize it until it is obvious ... They have proven we can count on them ... Even in difficult and risky situations ... Now it’s time we appreciate their true value and take care of them

Nurse images from real nurses

Join @esno_webphotographers pool. Share your real life nurse photos at #pictures
ESNO is depending on nurse images for publications, newsletter, website, magazines and so on. The easy way is to download stock-photos' but they are not nurses, they are actors and does not reflect the image of nurses. We are interested for images related to the real nursing world based on your nursing work, images from the nursing world by nurses. This can be clinic, technical, administration research, by nurse images but also objects and instruments. 

On the structure, we have no real big wishes but have some guidelines.
If you are wishing to engage, we send you a link where you can upload your picturesGood resolution image but doesn’t need to be HD but it shouldn’t be a pixelated image so that it looks good on social mediaImage type can be: JPEG, PNG .AI, .EPS or .SVGPlease include words on subjects such as: sort of specialism or health do…