“The Specialist Nurse in European Healthcare towards 2030"

“The Specialist Nurse in European Healthcare towards 2030"

Because of rapid increasing interest of the specialist and advanced nurses’ role in European health, ESNO members has decided and based on advices of partners to change and broaden the original title of the ESNO congress 2019 and proceed on the this, including outcomes for the next three congress to come in 2021 and 2020 in Brussels and same location. The morning focusses on setting the scene with discussions and debates with participants and the afternoon following this with input of ESNO members. With your participation you contribute to the future position, role and profession of your position in local, regional, national and European health context.
Objective is to clarify the role of the Specialist Nurses in Healthcare 2030 by discussing their contribution and position to major health developments.

Plenary sessions aim to lay out the developments, opportunities and barriers as these appear today and future in Blending r…

ESNO, Specialist Nurses Position Statment on AMR


‘Specialist Nurses with key roles in tackling AMR’
Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) represents a serious public health threat, with an estimated 10 million people predicted to die globally from multidrug-resistance infections every year by 2050 if urgent action is not taken[1]. As caregivers for an increasing number of patients with multidrug-resistant infections, health care professionals play a crucial role in addressing AMR[2]with nurses both in Europe and worldwide who are on the frontline of the AMR crisis. Nurses observe first-hand how multidrug-resistant infections lead to longer hospital stays, higher health care costs and increased mortality.
Nurses play several central roles in tackling AMR: infection control and prevention, advocating for rational antibiotic use and educating patients and their families on the responsible use of antibiotics. Firstly, nurses are involved in the preparation, administration an…

UPDATE - 3-10-2018, ESNO AMR-Vacciantion Guide

ESNO update 

Dear ESNO members, members of the AMR-Vaccination Nurses Guide focus group and those shared their interest to contribute

Working Group ESNO AMR-Vaccination Guide

The 21th September we were invited by the Commission to have the first meeting at their venue, and this was a success. We have managed to finalise the content and started to include names with field of lead per section: work to be done. In this mail we are sharing this document to you and update you on the project. Before starting we did a tour de table and Charles Price gave wordings of welcome

Present FLTR: Charles Price (DG Sante), Yves Brandt (EPHA), Ber Oomen (ESNO) Patrick Crombez (EONS), Jeanette Verkerk (EAUN) Maria Teresa Parisotto (EDTNA-ERCA) Johan de Munter (EONS) Judith Perez Gomez (Vaccine Europe) 

Charles Price welcomed us to DG Sante and explained why they see our contribution as very relevant. To their impression, what you do is a great example how civil -the specialist nurses- society is engaging, v…

ESNO, Nurses Guide on AMR and Vaccination

In process, the ESNO Nurses Information and Education Guide on Anti Microbial Resistance (AMR) and Vaccination

Regarding  the current role of nurses in combatting antimicrobial resistance (AMR), ESNO regards that thus far there had been a lack of involvement of specialist nurses on this issue and that there is great potential to increase involvement in the areas of antimicrobial stewardship, surveillance of the incidence of drug-resistant infections and education of patients on this topic. ESNO aims to raise awareness and educate nurses on this topic; equipping nurses to tackle AMR is now a top priority for the organisation. In addition, this initiative also acts as an extension of a request from the European Commission to ESNO to play an active role on AMR and Vaccination 
On the vaccination, in recent years, ESNO has observed a significant increase in infectious diseases that could be prevented by vaccination. This increase was also accompanied by serious outbreaks, resulting in the …



Soon more information on the ESNO congress 21 February 2019 in Brussels

ESNO Public Relation material

The first ESNO flyer have arrived at our office and soon available at events and congressen. End next week 2 new roll-up banners ready for display at health events, raising the profile of the specialist and advanced nurses in all health Friends.

ESNO representing this 'One Nurse'

"How many nurses does ESNO represent", this a far too often question addressed in the European bubble, in the parliament, European Institutes, NGO's and industry, but to nurses in this European enenvironment like  '....asking a fish to prove the wetness of water...'. It is such an obvious question but somehow difficult to answer, but we do our best.

The basics on a response shows how difficult it is to speak in exact numbers ESNO represents,  like it is for more of ESNO members. One of the members have about 40.000 or even double, and others have also in the same number but we cannot count them. Too often we receive the question ' many nurses do you represent.... ' but this is a quotative question. Repeatedly we have to explain that roughly there are about 3.000.000 nurses in Europe, and all are in somehow a specialist area, in specialist areas and some in advanced levels, and the last group we have ESNO as lead.

Nurses have also a kind of field of…