ESNO Position Paper: 'Specialist Nurses and Professional Mobility in Europe'

ESNO Position Statement

Proceeding of the ESNO congress 2020 'Specialist Nurses and Professional Mobility in Europe'

Ten or twenty years ago, most of us could not have imagined the changes in healthcare we see today. Similarly, it is hard for most of us to imagine how healthcare will be in 2030. However, one thing has not really changed much over the last few decades: the role and status of the health professional. This has been particularly noticeable for the role of the specialist nurse.
Health care today and its main challenges A decade ago, when the partner or spouse of a graduate nurse in a senior role and with decades of experience in a specific area got a job in another EU country, the nurse would struggle to move into a role in the new country. This often resulted in the nurse moving out of healthcare. In 2020, this has not improved. In some European countries, the barriers for nurses moving across borders have become greater, whereas some barriers have become embedded in …

Towards the ESNO Congress 2020

What would you like to have as you 'take' and 'talk' home message from ESNO congress 2020 ?

Network with other specialist nurses and have a clearer idea of way forward for nursing specialization in EuropePriority areas for working together as specialist nurses in order to promote standards across Europe for education and practice. How to engage is discussions at national and European levels to advocate for changeFuture of nurse specialists in today's healthcare challengesBuild together a brighter future for advance nursingwhat are similar challenges and differences, Specialist nurses Organisation have to struggle with? Is an official recognition as a specialty a dream or is it possible in Europe?What is ESNO´s position and tasks in this process?ESNO strategies to implement the profile of the nurse specialist in Europewhat's the future for ICU nurse in Europe

When is the ESNO congress 2020 successful for you ?

Understanding more about ESNO as a first time visitor a…

Press Release of ESNO on Corona virus #COVID19


Date:19-02-2020 Place:Brussels, Belgium Subject: Coronavirus outbreak
“Current and future virus infections outbreaks, European professional competencies under revision”

The current situation of the Coronavirus outbreak is creating a lot of pressure, including burnout, on all healthcare institutions especially on nurses who are the front liners, and those who are working in countries that are affected by the new COVID-19 virus. ESNO comments the ICN letter to colleague nurses in China[1]. Since it is a new Coronavirus, we do not yet know exactly its mode of transmission. However from the preliminary knowledge that we have, it seems to follow the same routes as the previous SARS virus way back in 2002 i.e via respiratory droplets when a person coughs and sneezes and also through the environment when people touch a contaminated surface and then touch their face (eyes and mouth) without disinfecting their hands. We regard it as an eminence importance that nu…

Expectations of the Touch of Brussels

What are you expectation for the day?

To understand what specialist nurses would like from ESNO in the near futureNetworking with other professionalsI am keen to profile dermatology as a speciality for nurses. I would like to learn how health care is provided and the roles and responsibilities available to nurses working throughout Europe. Understand what it means to be a specialist nurse working in Europe.Sharing from the various organisations and countriesto have the opportunity to learn about nursing specialties other than mine (I am a nurse anesthesist ) in Europeto gain information on how to be link with health-related projects, sponsored by the EUNetworking with people who have some influence in the EU politics or healthcare organisations to collaborateDynamics and interaction and getting to know person before the ESNO congressLearning about organisations of the health sectorPerspectives and strategies and especially for Nursing and Nursing education in the futurei want to know m…

Nurse Guide on Micorbes, touching Vaccination, Antimirrcrobial Resistance and Infection Prevention.

Nurse Guide on Microbes, touching Vaccination, Anti-Microbial Resistance and Infection Prevention Control. 

Over the past years most of our stakeholders -and shared their interest- on the ESNO's intention to develop a nurses guide on AMR, Vaccination and Infection Prevention Control, see more at our ESNO website and Guide. In May 2019 a focus group was established to create the guide. We were pleased with the support of Vaccine Europe and can share that we are almost ready with our 120 A4 paged Guide and also pleased to be in the stage starting the preparations for the launch event. This is scheduled on the 28 April in the afternoon during the European Immunization week.

This area of antimicrobial resistance and infection control is a key priority for us. We have seen the impact of emerging infections such as Zika, Ebola or the most recent corona-virus with the last one also already included in the guide. We are extremely aware that there is a gap in nursing education across Europe …

Register today for our ESNO congress 2020

To all Nurses in Europe
In this ‘Year of the Nurse and Mdwife’ we would like to facilitate your engagement regarding specialist nursing in European healthcare towards 2030' with a lot of activities and opportunities to engage, we are going now able to shape all those activities prepared last year. 

Therefore, we kindly remind you to register for the ESNOcongress taking place in the heart of Brussels on 20-2-2020.
To strengthen the Specialist Nurses’ footprint in European Healthcare, our congress focuses on the importance of harmonized education and recognition within the European context. Aligned with our aim to build a robust framework to enable Specialist Nurses to be recognised across Europe, we recommend national authorities to invest in a Specialist Nurses Health Workforce and to implement cross border Regulatory Frameworks towards a legally embedded and harmonized position of the Specialist Nurse in each Member State. Without your input we will not reach here.
We like to see you…