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Please complete the form if you wish to be updated on news such when website is open and registration starts and other news. ESNO will like the previous congress february 2019 prior to the ESNO congress 2019 #ESNO2020 an introduction on Brussels and the European Health environment.

"A Touch of Brussels for Nurses" The objective is for those nurses to learn about the European environment from a novice perspective or for those already some familiar with a network. For them to learn more on the mechanisms and dynamics of the European Union and Europe and to get inspired to be engaged in ESNO but also in the European health environment. We will compose an interested program especially for nurses with guest speakers interested getting to know the nurses as well.

"Mind you, while you are interested in the organsiation, representatives will also be highly interested in you and invite you to engage in thier organsiation".

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In process: Nurses Guide on Vaccination, AMR and Infection Control

Mission, goals and activities

The members of the European Specialist Nurses Organisation (ESNO) are creating a comprehensive guide for nurses in Europe. This aims to equip nurses to be able to address the increasing health threat related to preventable infections. The work will be carried out by a focus group of nurse academics, experts and professional nurses with experience across a variety of health domains.

The guide will cover the basics of microbial infections, the methods of treatment, issues around antimicrobial resistance (AMR), and the role of vaccination and infection control. Its key role will be to provide an information resource to support communication and education for nurses and patients. The goal is to have the English language guide published and launched in Brussels in April 2020, during European Immunization Week.

Why this group:The members of ESNO recognize the concerns across Europe relating to the ongoing increase in AMR, and the worryingly low uptake of vaccinat…

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12th May, International Nursing Day 2019, ESNO presidents message

Dear colleagues, nurse’s specialists from all around the Europe
It is my privilege and great honour that I may address you on behalf of European Specialist Nursing Organization (ESNO) and congratulate you International Nursing Day 2019 remembering the birthday of Florence Nightingale 12th May 1820.

Specialist Nurses in the past years made a great success and become the most important part of health care systems in every county in Europe. Today you cannot imagine health care without nurses who are specialized in a specific health domains. The level of nursing education gives us the right to practice nursing care with high competencies. ESNO is strongly support this direction of development of specialist nurses and putting strong effort to assure adequate recognition in European Union.
International Council of Nurses (ICN) for International Nursing Day 2019 shared a theme "Nurses Voice to Lead – Health for All’’.  This strong message should facilitate all nurses in the world to try t…

ESNO congress, almost ready

Today checking if all is settled for next week ESNO congress:

Just released, the Dutch version of the ESNO Nurses Biosimilar guide.

Great news for Nurses in the Netherlands. The Nurses Information and Communication Guide on Biosimilars in Dutch'Beleid voor switchen tussen gelijkwaardige biologische geneesmiddelen'Communicatie- en informatiegids voor verpleegkundigen. De volledige gids is to downloaden onder deze LINK De ESNO is opgericht om een effectief kader te bieden voor communicatie en samenwerking tussen de Europese organisaties van gespecialiseerde verpleegkundigen, en om de belangen van gespecialiseerde verpleegkundigen in Europa te bevorderen en vertegenwoordigen.
De gidsen (Engels en Nederlands) zijn in boekvorm beschikbaar en op te vragen door een verzoek te sturen naar het kantoor van ESNO in Brussel. Over het 'Hoe en waarom' deze gids tot stand kwam' Dit is eigenlijk heel interessant, omdat het een voorbeeld is hoe verpleegkundig leiderschap vorm krijgt. Het begint bij de EMA, het Europees Agentschap voor Medicatie. Ze hebben een gids gemaakt voor mensen in de ge…

Survey on AMR innitated by ECDC, Specialist Nurses involvement

Special announcement on ECDC Survey January 2019 on Antimicrobial Resistance with key role for Specialist Nurses.

In the collaboration with European Medicine Agency (EMA), the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) on the topic Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR), ESNO participated in the development of a ECDC-funded survey to assess Healthcare Workers knowledge and attitudes about antibiotics and antibiotic resistance. Our involvement was the Specialist Nurses view. The aim is to have an overall return of 10,000+ responses across the EU and EEA member. The Survey will be published in January 2019.  The overall objective of the study for ECDC is to fill in gaps in terms of evaluation of communication campaigns targeting healthcare workers and to gain a better understanding of their knowledge and perceptions to provide a base to support future needs in terms of policy and education changes. As ESNO representing European Specialist Nurses with the ECDC, we are especially int…