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UPDATE - 3-10-2018, ESNO AMR-Vacciantion Guide

ESNO update 

Dear ESNO members, members of the AMR-Vaccination Nurses Guide focus group and those shared their interest to contribute

Working Group ESNO AMR-Vaccination Guide

The 21th September we were invited by the Commission to have the first meeting at their venue, and this was a success. We have managed to finalise the content and started to include names with field of lead per section: work to be done. In this mail we are sharing this document to you and update you on the project. Before starting we did a tour de table and Charles Price gave wordings of welcome

Present FLTR: Charles Price (DG Sante), Yves Brandt (EPHA), Ber Oomen (ESNO) Patrick Crombez (EONS), Jeanette Verkerk (EAUN) Maria Teresa Parisotto (EDTNA-ERCA) Johan de Munter (EONS) Judith Perez Gomez (Vaccine Europe) 

Charles Price welcomed us to DG Sante and explained why they see our contribution as very relevant. To their impression, what you do is a great example how civil -the specialist nurses- society is engaging, v…