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Survey on Medication Shortage in Europe

Upcoming, nurses survey on medication shortageMedication shortage, we see it far too often in the nurses clinical practice, and it is expected to occur more often. In collaboration with @Medicine-for-Europe, this Spring a  scientific Survey with Medicine for Europe will be launched to idetify a number of aspects but abouve all: 
- Identify the root causes of the shortages
- In addition, we will aim at analysing the perception of the different stakeholders on the cause of the shortages
- We will identify how the different stakeholders would like to be informed about the shortages and which information they require
- The survey should be able to tell us which type of medicines are more frequently in shortage and why
- Lastly, we might analyse how shortages can be prevented or mitigated.
We'll keep you updated

Heart Failure Policy Network: call for information

Have you successfully made the case for change in heart failure? Have you been involved in advocating for, and implementing, multidisciplinary or integrated heart failure care? If so, the Heart Failure Policy Network wants to hear from you. The Network is running a call for information to better understand how successful care programmes are implemented and what lessons can be learned and applied across Europe. With your input, we aim to uncover new learning and generate public resources to help others plan and deliver the best possible care for heart failure patients.
Submit your experiences by 30 March 2018 at

European Nurses calles to sign the Declaration on Vaccination

ESNO, the Specialist Nurses in Europe, as part of the Steering group, supports the EU Fighting Flu campaign, and kickstarts today. We encourages all nurses to support this campaign, sign the Manifesto today and share. Spearheaded by the Steering Group on Influenza Vaccination and its Co-Chairs - MEP Françoise GrossetĂȘte and Prof Thomas Szucs, this group has one main aim: To reduce the burden of influenza across Europe. We are calling for urgent and unified action to help protect people from influenza and we need your support to spread the word! Read and sign-up to our Manifesto. Share this in your network.