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Nurses and Anti-Microbic Resistance

Nurses and AMR

Anti- Microbic Resistance is a major health threat in Europe, what if our anti-biotics do not their work anymore? There is so much to say but more over so much more to do for nurses in overall increasing relevant and in advanced roles and positions and responsibilities.  We wonder what is your say and above all, what is your suggestion nurses could in their practice, experience and attitude.

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Book on 'Mental Health Nursing'

The moment of publishing is almost there, stay tuned. 

"Principles of Specialty Nursing"

Volume 1: Mental/Psychiatric Nursing

This series, which encompasses books for each specialty, will shape evidence-based practice in Europe, while also integrating lessons learned from other continents. Moreover, it will contribute to clarifying the status of the specialist nurse as an advanced practice nurse.
European Psychiatric/Mental Health Nursing in the 21st Century, A Person-Centred Evidence-Based Approach’ - Editors: Santos, José Carlos, Cutcliffe, John R. (Eds.)
Sheds new light on practical issues based on evidence in psychiatric and mental health nursing.

In process, Nurses Information and Communication Guidlene on Biosimilars

Two weeks ago the ESNO focus group on Biosimilar had there last meeting and workshop to finalise the last draft, ready to consult all constituancies. It is a collaborative innitiative of a group of ESNO members with support of Medicine for Europe, EFPIA and Europa-Bio. 

This information and communication guide for nurses is designed to provide support and information for nurses working with patients who are switching between similar biological medicines – this could be a switch between the original biologic medicine (known as the reference product or the originator product) and a biosimilar medicine (or vice versa), or between biosimilars.

The final publication and release is expected in June 2018. The follow-up will be in an online version and available in 23 European languages, 

Whats happening, why an ESNO blog?

When ESNO in 5 years’ time was getting in full swing, the activities were limited by three to four projects. At that time ESNO was the ‘new kid on the block’. Now, with an office in the heart of the European bubble, after created good and trustworthy relations with the partner health non-governmental organisations, the activities are increasing with a lot of dynamics. To keep our followers updated on in the rapid expanding European health world, initiate a blog was the most necessity initiative.