ESNO representing this 'One Nurse'

"How many nurses does ESNO represent", this a far too often question addressed in the European bubble, in the parliament, European Institutes, NGO's and industry, but to nurses in this European enenvironment like  '....asking a fish to prove the wetness of water...'. It is such an obvious question but somehow difficult to answer, but we do our best.

The basics on a response shows how difficult it is to speak in exact numbers ESNO represents,  like it is for more of ESNO members. One of the members have about 40.000 or even double, and others have also in the same number but we cannot count them. Too often we receive the question ' many nurses do you represent.... ' but this is a quotative question. Repeatedly we have to explain that roughly there are about 3.000.000 nurses in Europe, and all are in somehow a specialist area, in specialist areas and some in advanced levels, and the last group we have ESNO as lead.

Nurses have also a kind of field of interest, there are those for example in neonatal specialist nursing, mental health nurses, dialysis, transplant, diabetes, the full spectrum, and they are not interchangeable. So somehow we try represent them all and aim to make it qualitative in the full spectrum of nurses in the greatest health areas in Europe. 

Nurses are too often addressed as a container concept or an abstract quantative phenomenon, and therefore it is a part of each of ESNO representatives task to explain the nurses workforce ESNO aims to represent.

So on, " many does ESNO represents... ", the ESNO response is :one-nurse !!!,  and following this with all ESNO constituencies -and people can make their own wild guess how many- we all aim to represent this very 'one-nurse' who is making the greatest difference in the care demanding by people and patients in a vulnerable status, adding the high standards, and we all try to follow her example and let's give her a name and let's say for example Florence Nightingale we celebrate her birthday the 12th May again in 2018.

Wishing all nurses a very good, warm and inspirational International Nursing Day 2018


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